Portraiture was my first passion when I found art, and although my gallery work is considerably different, portraits remain an important part of my visual training. 

Making a good portrait from a photo is not the same as copying. It takes an intuitive and trained eye to find the small differences that make us unique individuals and a trained hand to bring these details to life. 

These portraits will become treasured items for your family and for your home and will last longer than any photo. 

I currently offer portraits done in charcoal, like the two to the right, and also portraits in oil. 

Commissioned portraits are done by photos either taken by myself or given to me by clients. If original photos are to be taken, there is a photo fee of $90 that is not refundable. The photos can be taken at the convenience of the client in their own home or at the studio. 

For all charcoal commissions there is a $100 nonrefundable deductible to move from the waiting list to completion. The rest of the fee will be collected once the client has received and approved the portrait. I ask the client to live with the portrait for 2 weeks before asking for changes or refunds.

All portraits begin with a conversation between the client and the artist. Please feel free to contact me via the contact page in the menu to the left.     


Charcoal Portrait Fee

Single Portrait 11" x 14" ______________________$200

Single Portrait 12" x 16" ______________________$220

Single Portrait 14" x 18" ______________________$250

Single Portrait 16" x 20" ______________________$300

Single Portrait 18" x 24" ______________________$360

Family Portrait (12" x 16") per face/pet__________$120

Family Portrait (16" x 20") per face/pet__________$150

Family Portrait (18" x 24") per face/pet__________$180

Framing (by artist)___________________________ $100

Framing (custom)____________________________ COST



Portrait Gallery 

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